The best 5 ways to earn money

The best 5 ways to earn money

“The best job is a high-paid hobby.” Henry Ford

Modern reality breaks all boundaries, limitations. Your location doesn’t matter. Full- time job from 9 am to 5 pm is becoming less and less popular. Let’s imagine that you can travel and live wherever you want and whenever you want while your income flows to your bank account. Those are happy who work while resting. A supremely desirable condition, isn’t it?

I know a group of exhibitors who were just housewives. They had a hobby. They loved paintings. One day they decided to organize series of charity exhibitions in their own houses. It became their business after those exhibitions. They transferred their hobby into a business.

Ask yourself: how can you turn your hobby into a business?

WAY 1. Set up own business.

On the Internet, you may sell certain products like clothes, jewelry, toys, etc., i. e. create an Internet-shop, or provide some informational services.

This is one of the most traditional ways to earn money, as the marketplace is full of such companies. But you can come up with a punch line. If your business plan is well- thought and you envisage all development scenarios you have a lot of chances to succeed. Moreover, it is important to offer a unique product or service. In this case, you will be out of competition on the marketplace. Maybe, your hobby gives such kind of products?

WAY 2. Earning money by sharing photos of what you use.

Everyone buys any items, clothes, uses it. Everyone takes photos, shares them with friends through social networks. Particularly, women are keen on shopping. You may earn money doing all this, as the best advertisement is a personal recommendation. The apps WhatsOnPic gives you such chance. WhatsOnPic is a completely new service for the virtual marketplace that allows you to monetize your pages in social networks.

WAY 3. Website or web page.

Create a website (web page), promote it and monetize it. In this case, it will attract advertisers to place their banners on your website. The most popular ways of online promotion and earning money are social networks where you can find a huge amount of followers and inform them about your business.

Such popular websites and web pages are especially useful if you want to participate in affiliate programs. You may place an advertisement or a link to another website on your web page or website and organize promotion of this particular product or service. You earn some percent from each transaction by your link. Affiliate programs are convenient because you don’t need to check each operation, as everything is automatized.

WAY4. Copywriting.

If you are passionate about writing and you are excited about sharing them with others it worth to try it. Copywriting is a great industry that allows a great number of individuals to realize their creativity. You can offer this industry your own talents.

WAY 5. Web design and programming.

This service is one of the most demanded professions and requires special knowledge, thus, you may invest money in such kind of courses and training to start this activity. There are great platforms where clients and freelancers meet each other and make mutually advantageous contracts.

So, let’s analyze how to start and where:
1. Passion.
Ask yourself what you love to do. What brings you the most satisfaction?

This is one of the key principles of success in any business or activity. Encouragement and inspiration are the engines of success. Only in this case you are able to envisage all hardships and find ways to overcome them thinking outside the box.

So, find and follow your destiny. Each person has his preferences and passions. They are like beacons for him that show the right direction of his future actions. Don’t ignore them, follow them and you will find your and only your business.

2. Information.

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You should be proficient in the chosen field.

If you choose any activity do enough research about it, find out all details, any information that may be useful in it. Read and listen stories about other people who did the same and overcame all obstacles, follow their advice.

Certainly, some initial conditions define what you CAN do in the virtual reality:

  • -  Can you invest money or not?

  • -  What kind and level of knowledge do you have?

  • -  How long can you spend in the virtual world?

  • -  What do you expect to gain?

  • -  Are you positive about your business or not?

    Overall, we are a lucky generation, as we are unlimited in our opportunities to earn money due to the enormous technology advancement. We don’t have to work on a full- time job, spend the majority of our time in restricted conditions of a particular workplace. On the contrary, we can do what we love, be where we love and earn money at the same time.